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What is Tabber?

Tabber makes instruments easier to learn, smarter, and more visually stunning.

The kit (soon to be released) consists of an LED light sleeve that can be placed on and off of any guitar. When the sleeve is on, it has very little effect on playability or sound: you are still holding a real guitar, any guitar.

The sleeve covers twelve frets plus open notes so you can play a wide variety of songs.

Tabber solves the fundamental problem with all existing learning methods: it keeps your eyes on the guitar. Tabber is your visual teacher, guiding you through songs, chords and scales.

Tabber is much more than a simple learning tool. Users of all skill levels can interact with the software to learn, but also to awe their fans. Tabber is fully open-source so anyone can create light patterns in addition to the ones we have built in and use Tabber as a stunning visual performance.

All of Tabber’s hardware and software will be hackable by anyone. You can buy all of the individual pieces at and create your very own additions to Tabber. Write your own songs and light patterns too. You can share all of those with other players who may just love what you create!